17/07/2019 -

Đa Minh thế giới


Today is the 8thworking days of the General Chapter. Our Brothers keep discussing the themes of each commission. In this news, we cordially welcome you all have a look at one of the first topics: Challenges and Renewal of the Fraternal life. The Dominican life found on the community life. communal life serves as means of evangelization of the Order. Therefore, figuring out the challenges and how to renew the fraternal life are in high demand for the polarizing world.
This theme is our brothers’concern presented to the Master of the Order during his canonical visits, which is now presented to the Chapter to think about. The New Master shares this concern and keep going on deepening the topics for good. Our Brothers are working on the petitions before having the final text to be approved.
Besides, Vietnamese Dominican brothers are working hard providing the Capitulars with all the needs such as liturgy, accommodation, etc. This evening, the capitulars have chance to enjoy the Vietnamese traditional music.
Let’s keep praying for the Chapter