01/08/2019 -

Đa Minh thế giới


My name is Michael Deeb, delegate of the Order in the United Nation, General Promoter of the Justice and Peace. We have talked a lot in the General Chapter about delegate at the United Nations. 
The Capitulars have been very positive about supporting and strengthening the delegation at the UN. These people may still be wondering why we in the UN, and what is the use of it? The Order realizes that what we have archived the task to evangelize all nations. United Nation is the place where we can meet all countries all over the world. For 193  of them in one room, so any time we can address and engage to them about all the issues we want to be promoting. We know we’re there because we want to promote Justice and Peace in the world. To be able to evangelize, we have to bring the Good News of Jesus, which is the Good News of Justice and Peace. The Order decided 23 years ago we established the presence in the UN.  Precisely, to have more impact on the world, because we involved in justice and peace from the beginning of time, and enable us to talk a lot about it. And we focus on a very local level and regional level and even global level at the time. By focusing on the UN, we try to say that we want to promote at every level of our lives as Dominicans, who want to promote justice and peace at every level. Starting from our local communities and our provinces, we raise to the UN context where we can have more contact with the global level. 
So what do we do in the UN? We do not work separately from what Dominicans are working from everywhere else. In fact, we advocate for things that are coming to us from Dominican on the ground. Our first task is: if you want to engage in the UN, you are to hear what are the issues, the challenges the Dominicans at the local levels are experiencing; and how are you ready to try to treat them already at that level. If you have tried to deal with it at this level and observed the obstacles, then we come in at a broader level to see how can we support you. And how we can advocate for the cause you have advocated for at the higher level, in the UN. So to be effective in evangelizing and promoting the Good News of Jesus at this level, we join with you to start by looking at whatever issue that you are facing at the local context. We are aware that human rights have been violated; we know people are suffering to the great victim. And how we are as Dominicans at the local level, and as family collaborate as a whole for the human family. We are trying to address those challenges. How do we try to bring those Good News? And if you had done that, please let us know what you are doing how could you do that so we can share those stories with peoples in places. So they, in turn, can be inspired to look at their challenges in their own places. And if you are finding that the issues are much bigger than you can address at the local level, let us know so we can support you, so it can be advocated by the UN. 
There are many mechanisms in the UN where we can engage. Do many people still wonder what can be archived there? And we have too acknowledged that to bring about change, at any level, is often takes time, especially at a broader level can be quite slow. Those reasons need not bring discourages. We have already achieved many useful successes in our works at the UN. We are able to help our brothers and sisters all around to challenge their governments to get the governments to respond to issues like human trafficking, the tension. We are able to force the governments to collaborate with others in the UN, to look at those issues they address them. I cannot illuminate many at now many possibilities. But if you can identify those issues at the local level and communicate with us so we can see how we can do something together.  In the General Chapter, we are grateful that the Chapter had accepted that we need now strengthen the delegate at the UN. 
We know that we cannot succeed without the support of all of you. So, let’s bring the challenges and communicate with us, then we can together transform the world, bring the Good News of Jesus to all nations.